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When you are facing a difficult plumbing problem
and other plumbers couldn't solve that problem,

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The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between 12/1/2005 and 8/6/2008. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

"He was extremely determined to solve the problem. He was here for a very long time, and he was able to solve the problem. He was the best. I asked for a number of his business cards and passed them out to my neighbors." ?Barbara S.

"Good quality work, the person who did the work was very courteous. I was really happy with the service." ?Greg I.

"They were very polite and they did a good job." ?Jack W.

"The customer service was excellent. Tommy was a good communicator. He got right to the point and he gave me some good sound advice. They came so quickly, they were excellent." ?Linda A.

"He is very thorough when explaining what he is doing and he gives you options." ?Lisa S.

"They arrived on time and did a great job. He also gave me good advice. They are the best I have found. They are very well equipped and professional." ?Margarita A.

"They were efficient and they came right away." ?Megan S.

"They were very quick. We were having an emergency situation. They fixed everything really fast. The plumber explained the problem really well, so that in the future I know how to handle a similar situation." ?Mike S.

"He showed up right away. He knew what he was doing and he did a good job." ?Mike T.

"They were very honest. They came in and explained exactly what the problem was. They quoted a really good price and then they fixed it." ?Odette A.

"They were very diligent. Their guy found something wrong with our construction, but he was able to fix the problem anyway. The price was really good. They were very courteous, and I thought they were perfect." ?Patricia F.

"They were informative and they did what they were supposed to do. We've used them twice." ?Tyler C.

"They came when they said they would. They were here promptly and they did the job they needed to do." ?Donna M.

"Jin Lee was very competent, responsive and professional. His thorough explanation gave us a solution to the problem. The price was reasonable too. He drew pictures to help us understand what was going on. He was very trustworthy, and he wasn't there to make a fast buck." ?Harold L.

"Very nice man, he got the job done well." ?John K.

"They do a reliable, quality job." ?Shing Y.

"They got the job done quickly. I didnit have to wait a long time." ?Ann M.

"They got right to the problem and gave me good advice." ?Brian S.

"They solved our problem." ?Peter S.

"They told me what needed to be done and it was done satisfactorily." ?Candelario L.

"They showed up when they said they would and they offered a good price." ?Tim C.

"They got the job done." ?Susan Z.

"The fact that they were able to come out when I needed them, that was good." ?Lucy O.

"They came on short notice. I liked their pricing model, which is by the project not by the hour." ?Neil M.

"The man who came out was very nice." ?Susan O.

"They were friendly, polite, and efficient." ?Penny B.

"They were nice, and they did a good job." ?Helen I.

"They were very nice people, and they did good work." ?Michael G.

"He explained the details very well." ?Michael F.

"They were very competent and personable." ?Janice C.

"They are professional and respectful of the property." ?Brett B.

"It was a sensational experience. Everything was great." ?Tom F.

"Jin Lee is great to deal with. He really knows what he is doing." ?Bryan A.

"They are always friendly, and they do a good job for me." ?Bill B.

"Straightforward service, no nonsense, and reasonable prices" ?Michael M.

"The follow-up was great, and he was honest. He told me to buy a part at a hardware store to save money." ?Christa B.

"They were responsive, courteous, and honest. I really trust them." ?Thomas H.

"They were very responsive." ?Peter N.

"I liked the way he explained the problem and his approach to it. I felt that he was honest and knowledgeable." ?Halina G.

"They came in on time, and they did their job." ?Lois A.

"They seemed pretty efficient and straightforward." ?Carlos C.

"He was prompt, polite, and efficient. He also did everything correctly. It was a job well done." ?Round T.

"The person who came out was responsive, courteous, and he did what he needed to do." ?Paul G.

"He was very professional, responsible, and he did a wonderful job." ?Patricia T.

"The plumber was courteous, he got the job done, and the price was reasonable." ?Wanda C.

"He came out quickly and did a great job for us." ?Theresa G.

"They're prompt and their prices are good." ?Elizabeth R.

"He comes out when I call him every time we have a major plumbing problem." ?Denise M.

"He sent his video camera down the drain to show me where the blockage was, and I thought that was a great idea. I would have never thought of something like that. He was very responsive, and it was really interesting." ?Dale L.

"I liked how quickly they responded, and the service was great. They had all the bases covered, and they saved us money because we didn't have to buy things we didn't need." ?Rod P.

"He was attentive, and the service was pleasant." ?Olga M.

"He was very good in giving me answers and information." ?John M.

"They were reliable and timely." ?David Y.

"Friendly, easy to understand and to work with" ?Peter K.

"They were very responsive, and they got people out here very quickly. The job they did was very satisfying." ?Linda H.

"Everything was done the way I wanted. He was also very polite and hard working." ?Dalton, C.

"The overall work and customer service" ?Brian M.

"They were friendly, efficient, and they knew what they were doing." ?Martha G.

"He came out really quickly." ?Eitan F.

"Their service was quite good." ?Francis D.

"They fixed the problem." ?Ramesh B.

"He put in extra effort and a personal touch." ?Eric K.

"He explained everything about the problem and where it was coming from." ?Gaby M.

"Their attention to detail and speed of execution" ?Lou W.

"They were on time, and they did a good job." ?Sean D.

"Good personality, friendliness, and knowledge of what he was doing" ?Mike B.

"They were prompt and fair with their prices." ?Pat S.

"They got the job down in record time, and I felt that they were very responsible." ?Dan C.

"They were prompt, and they seemed honest." ?Jennifer B.

"Jin was very nice, thorough, and willing to take the time to explain things to me. He stuck to his original quote even though it was more work for him. He has a lot of integrity." ?Randy S.

"They were very knowledgeable, and they found the problem that other plumbers were not able to find." ?Denise B.

"The guy who came to my house was straightforward, and he did a good job." ?Roselyn L.

"They were very knowledgeable, and they explained what they were going to do." ?Jarrett D.

"They were very clean and professional." ?Roger D.

"They were reliable." ?Chuck W.

"They were pretty professional." ?SVC

"I've used them over the years for several things, and I've always found them to be very responsible, friendly, and hard working. I've always been pleased with the way everything turns out." ?Bob D.

"He is clean, orderly, he has good business practices, and the customer service is wonderful. Even his trucks are spotless." ?Barbara S.

"They were responsible, and they came out quickly." ?Elizabeth H.

"They were polite, and they seemed to know what they were doing." ?Jim P.

"They did the job." ?Laura C.

"They were persistent." ?Christine S.

"He did exactly what he estimated, and everything is now working fine." ?Monty S.

"He called me back in a short time." ?Estella M.

"The service was quick." ?Mikado S.

"They were prompt." ?Damian D.

"They got the job done." ?Joyce M.

"They responded quickly and did the repairs." ?Sandra D