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  ■ Checking The Clean Out
When your toilet and tub are both backed up, your main sewer line could be clogged like the left side picture.
You can determine this situation by checking your clean out in front of your house.
If your clean out is backing up, you need to clean your main sewer line.
  Pictures of the clean outs

Normal clean out

Clogged sewer line.
If you open the lid, you will see
the sewage (next picture)
Clean out after open the lid
You can see the sewage backs up
When you open the clean out cap, please be careful.
There could be very strong water pressure.
(sewage is not clean as drinking water)

  ■ Main Drain Backs Up
When your main drain backs up, first sign of back up comes from the toilet and bath tub/or shower because these fixtures are the lower parts of the house.
As you see in the picture, sinks do not back up because they are higher but sink sewage can backs up the tub or toilet.

  Kitchen Drain Backs Up

Major cause for kitchen drain clogging is grease.
This grease is developed by a variety of different types of substances.
Even soapy water can develop grease.
This kind of grease is also known as sludge.
Most of kitchens drain pipe sizes are 2". If we snake the drain, it will clear the pipe but lots of grease will still remain inside the pipe and the grease becomes harder and harder (you can see the harden grease on the picture to the left).
Also the sewage that remains between the grease will make the pipe corrode (refer to next picture)
Far left picture: clogged by the grease
Next picture: Hardened grease (you need a chisel to remove)
Corroded pipe shape due to the remained sewage between the grease
Pipe leaking because of corrosion
Scour jet's works well in these situations.
It produces 1500~2000 psi pressure to clear remaining sewage.
After scour jet pipe is clean.

  ■ Laundry Backs up
Most homes use one pipe line for the kitchen and laundry drain.
If the kitchen line is clogged, laundry line is possibly clogged as well.
Most likely your laundry sink will back up before your kitchen sewage line does because most laundry sinks are lower than the kitchen sinks.

  ■ Toilet Backs Up
If you or your children happen to drop a certain material into the toilet when flushing, it will most likely be clog at the P trap of the toilet (see picture on the left).
You need to either push it through or pull it out.

  ■ Tub Drain Backs Up
Tub drain is between the tub and the main drain connection. Most of the time this drain is clogged by hair (over than 99%).
Please don't use acid, acid can't remove the hair but only make pipe corrode. A better way is to snake the clog.
    Don’t reduce tub drain self cleaning ability….
Major reason for tub drain clogging is hair and as long as you have hair we have no way to prevent hair from clogging the drain.
But the drain has a self cleaning system. If you understand how the self cleaning system works you can maximize the system to prevent clogging in the drain.
As you can see in the left side drawing, water will spinning in the pipe at the same time it also cleans the pipe.
But if the water pressure is obstructed then it will not be strong enough to function properly.
The strainers on the left picture are good for preventing unexpected materials from going into the drain for example tooth paste caps, but they do not help with hair.
Also these strainers will reduce the water pressure so the self cleaning system will not work efficiently.
The strainer on left side picture is a fine mesh strainer.
This strainer is more efficient then the above strainers.
It will catch hair better than the other strainers and it does not affect the water pressure as much so the self cleaning system works more efficiently and the result is less clogging in your tub/shower drain.

  ■ Shower Drain Backs Up
Shower drain means the drain pipe between the shower and the main drain line. Most of the time it is clogged by air.
Just like the bath tub. The right side picture shows the hair after snaking.
  ■ Slow Lavatory
Major reason of lavatory clogging is hair.
You need to push it or take it out by snaking. If your lavatory is back to back (left side picture), you need to snake carefully.
You have to push the cable at a downward position like right side picture.
Otherwise, the cable will go straight and break the the other side pipe.