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  ■ Galvanized Steel Pipe
The life time of Galvanized seel pipe is 10 years. And it start corrosion after that. However it takes 30~40 years to be leaking. These pictures are showing the corroded parts of the pipe
After 15 years, rust materials are stocking at inside of the pipes. This picture should be over than 30 years. This rust material will reduce the water pressure.

  ■ Copper Pipe
Life time of this pipe is 50 years. Even that, the leaking of this pipe will be the following reasons.
*.When it is not sweated properly.
*.When it gets continuous water hammer.(vibration sound)
*.When the rust materials are on the surface of the pipe.

This copper tube is passing on the steel which is the worst installation. Copper tube will leak soon.

  ■ Polyprophylene Pipe

When this material is used under the ground, it will be very nice material but if it is above the ground, there are lots of possibilities of broken the pipe because of vibration.
This picture is showing the repaired part near the meter due to the vibration.
This picture is showing the disconnected pipes and reconnected pipes installed in the house. Since this pipe is a kind of plastic, it is very easy to be broken at hot water line. However, this pipe is much cheaper in installation.

  ■ Low Pressure Faucet
Most of water pressure issues come from old water line and you can solve it by repiping the water line. However if one of your faucets has not plenty of water (less pressure water), you need to clean the strainer of the faucet spout.

First of all, you need to take out the strainer.
Turn the spout strainer to left side and take it off. You may have to use a tool to take it off.
Clean the strainer. When you clean, you need to clean even the small holes
Reconnect the strainer and turn the water on. You will get the strong water again.

  ■ Emergency Valve

If you open the sink cabinet, you can see this valve.
We call it angle stop valve and this valve is working for an emergency case.
When a fixture is leaking, you can shut this valve off. But somtimes this emergency valve does not work with 3~4 years usage because of frozen the plastic part.
You may check this valve often for the working.
When you look for the angle stop valve, you can find out 2 kind valve. one is thread style and the other one is compression style.
Compression style is only for copper tube and thread style is for all pipes with thread.

  ■ Gate Valve
Vave A
Most of house is using this valve but it is easy to out of order because of frozen
Valve B
Recently many house is using thsi valve which is more convenient and safty.