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Septic Tank & Leach field

Septic Tank & Leach field

Important point in using septic tank
-. Be careful footing drains or leaky fixtures : This extraneous water will make leach field tire and short life time.
-. Avoid chemicals : Septic tank is operated by anaerobic bacteria. Several chemicals will affect the activity of bacteria.
                                 Fungicides, herbicides
                                 Particles of pigment - it will also plug the pores in the soil system.
                                 Toxic chemicals ; photography, hair bleach, dye and permanent solutions.
                                 Antibiotics can kill the bacteria
-. Large amount of cooking oil or undigested food through garbage disposal will affect the septic tank facility.

Current tendancy of watewater treatment

There are several new waste water treatment instead of traditional septic tank and leach field for smaller space and economic way. Following drawing is one of the new process

Septic Tank & Leach field

1. This system has trash tank and aerobic tank instead of septic tank. Normally septic tank should hold the effluent about 2
    days because of anaerobic bacteria. But this system can hold effleuent about 1 day because of aerobic system.
    That's why we can save space for the tank.
2. Low pressure drain field is replaced instead of leach field. Low pressure drain fild is much lower cost.