3 Quick Fixes for Plumbing Issues in the Winter

3 Quick Fixes for Plumbing Issues in the Winter

Winter is just around the corner and plumbing issues have already started to show up for many. Certain homes are vulnerable to plumbing problems, which is why you need quick and effective solutions to such problems.

Here are the 3 of the most common types of plumbing issues and their quick fixes!


Frozen Outdoor Pipes

Unless winterized, outdoor pipes can freeze up in the winter. If you’re facing this problem, then here is a quick fix for it.

How to Fix It

  1. Open the hose bibb valve and insulate its base. You can use rags or towels for insulation.
  2. Use boiling water to warm the hose bibb and saturate the cloth.
  3. You can also use hair dryers or heat guns to avoid damage from frozen outdoor pipes.

Clogged Kitchen Drains

A clogged bathroom drain

The holiday season is coming and you must already be prepping up to cook your favorite dishes for guests. In such a case, having a clogged kitchen drain can really put everyone’s mood down.

The best way is to fix the clogged kitchen drains before it even becomes a problem for you.

How to Fix It

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal.
  2. Look for obstructions inside the garbage disposal to get rid of them. Always use a kitchen tong or a plier to remove the obstruction instead of your hand.
  3. Don’t turn on the garbage disposal instantly and wait for 15 minutes to let the motor cool down.
  4. Restart the garbage disposal and forget about clogged kitchen drains for the rest of the holiday season.

Water Heater Problems

Not having hot water for usage can make you suffer for the rest of the winter season. If your water heater has started to cause problems, then it might be demanding a repair or even a replacement.

How to Fix It?

  1. Turn up the unit’s thermostat to make your water heater meet regular demands. Stick to 125 degrees to preserve energy.
  2. Get the electrical power or gas supply checked by an expert to eliminate the chances of an electrical or gas supply failure.
  3. The water heater might be needing a reset as it often switches when the water is too hot. Check the heater’s limit switch.

Get Trained and Experienced Plumbers in San Jose

If you’re unable to do fix the plumbing issues on your own, then you can hire the best plumbers in San Jose from us. We provide professional services through the plumbing experts in our team.

Get in touch with us today to get all plumbing errors fixed!

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