Do Your Drains Need Repairing? What Are the Signs?

Do Your Drains Need Repairing? What Are the Signs?

A home should have a functional drainage system since a damaged sewage pipe is no joke. Unfortunately, the consequences can put your home into a lot of problems. As a result, your home insurance will not even cover the costs of sewage backup. This means you need to be vigilant about the signs. Some of them are more obvious than others.

To minimize the damage from a drainage leak, you can watch for some of the symptoms. Here are five ways you can tell your drain needs work done.


You notice a pungent odor

The smell of sewage is unmistakably out in the open. But if there’s a drainage issue in the home, you may smell mildew and dampness. If you move around the house, you may be able to detect where the sewage smell is coming from.

There will be a sewage backup

Ever flush the toilet, and instead of the waste going down, the water rises? This can cause dirty sewage water to leak all over your bathroom floor. In this situation, you should know that your drainage system needs work done.

It would be best to get your drainage pipes repaired immediately, or wastewater will flood other rooms along with the bathroom.

Drainpipe spout on the grass

Mold and dampness on your walls

You will find strange stains on your walls if a pipe is leaking. You will also notice moldy patches on the corners of the rooms. It indicates that your drainage pipes are leaking or have burst. This brings us to our next point.

Insects won’t leave your yard

You’ll have pest infestations more often when you have an ongoing drainage issue. Pests are attracted to damp and dirty places; rats and mice will be more drawn to your home, and you won’t be able to get rid of them.

Do not ignore your drainage system issues; get the necessary repairs,  as the consequences can become beyond repair. At Smart Plumbers and Rooters, we have the most skilled and experienced plumbers in Palo Alto.

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