Here’s Why Your Water Heater’s Supply Is Inadequate

Here’s Why Your Water Heater’s Supply Is Inadequate

No hot water? Relax, you’re not alone. A water heating issue is one of the most common plumbing problems in San Jose. Check the following:

  • Is the water heater big enough to meet the demands of your home?
  • Is the temperature setting high enough to offer a sufficient amount of hot water?
  • If you have a gas water heater with a pilot light, is the light lit?

However, after looking for these signs, most homeowners are unaware that the major problems interfere with your water heater’s performance.

Take a look at the reasons why your water heater’s supply is inadequate:


Faulty Dip Pipe

If the temperature of the water flowing out of your faucet changes frequently and abruptly, it’s a clear indication of a faulty water heater. The most prevalent cause of these problems is a cracked or damaged dip tube. The dip tube is a silicone line in the water heater that directs all groundwater to the tank’s base, where it may be swiftly heated. When the dip tube weakens or fractures, cold water might leak into the hot water as it exits the pipeline. This might result in unexpected bursts of freezing water in the flow of hot water.

A plumber fixing a pipe

Sediment Buildup

Water heaters in San Jose have to deal with hard water. As a result, over time, the tank generates a thin coating of mineral debris on the inside, which cracks off and piles up at the tank’s bottom.

Debris can decrease energy efficiency and cause water to not heat up as quickly as it should. This could be the reason that your water heater isn’t functioning properly.

Even though cleaning a water heater is a big hassle, experts advise getting it professionally cleaned by a reputable company.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure is the water heater’s silent nemesis. It would be much easier to assess water pressure if you had a water pressure meter in your home. You should look into this factor if you haven’t already. If the water pressure meter reads more than eighty psi, the water is already generating more pressure than it should. If your pressure is higher than the safe level, you should install a pressure-lowering regulator or an expansion tank.

The addition of an expansion tank will shield the pipelines from thermal gradients corrosion.

Internal Rust

A water heater consists of various pipes and electrical components to function correctly. One of such elements is its sacrificial nodes. Most water heating systems have these nodes, essentially metal rods that serve as a protective barrier against corrosion.

The water heater’s metal materials consume sacrificial nodes to prevent corrosion. While these nodes last for a few years, they require continual replacement. A water heater with internal rust and erosion leads to a muddy water supply, resulting in discomfort and a spread of illnesses among home occupants.

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