When Do You Need a Plumbing Pro to Install Your Gas Lines?

Three gas meters installed in a line

About 50 percent of households use natural gas as the primary heating source. The consumption reached a record high of 31 trillion cubic feet in 2019. While natural gas may be a convenient way of heating, it can also be hazardous for your home’s safety. On average, 42,000 house fires are caused annually due to natural gas leakage. […]

Safety Precautions for Gas Line Plumbing –Don’t Forget to Wear a Mask!

a man wearing a gas mask

You should avoid tampering with your home’s gas-powered lines and equipment, and any job involving gas should be left to the professionals. So if you detect a leak or a problem with your gas line, contact expert plumbers at Smart Plumbers and Rooters immediately. Here are a few safety tips to keep your gas line plumbing in […]