4 Tips to Get Your Hot Water Heater Ready for Large Family Gatherings

Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

Family gatherings require a significant amount of preparation. You must cook copious amounts and ensure that your house is spotless and presentable. Additionally, you need to make sure sleeping accommodations are comfortable and take measures to guarantee that essential necessities are in place. One thing that is seldom ever thought about is making certain your […]

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Closeup of a plumber using a wrench to tighten a fitting beneath a kitchen sink. Only the man's hand and arm are visible. Horizontal format.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you’re probably already making plans with your friends and family members who will be celebrating with you in your Santa Clara, California home. While there will be plenty of good food to be enjoyed, this also means that your garbage disposal will probably be used more than it typically […]