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Your septic tank and leach fields might have lived in the background of your mind, unless a major issue has brought them to the forefront of your attention. While they aren’t things you may be thinking about often, you want to ensure they are in good working order. Otherwise, they will be the only thing you are thinking about!

Knowing that the leach field receives the liquid that has been drained from the septic tank after anaerobic digestion is essential for proper waste management. The pipes, septic tank, and drain field make up your septic system (also called a leach field). The only thing preventing your soil from becoming a health hazard, it is usually installed on a level area outside your home.

In theory, a well-maintained leach field could serve a property for up to 25 years after it has been installed. Problems with your septic system could arise if you don’t have it inspected at regular intervals by a local plumber, like the reliable plumbers at Smart Plumber.

If you have a septic tank but are having problems like clogged toilets or slow draining water, Smart Plumber in Fremont can help. If you have any issues with your septic tank or leach field, don’t hesitate to contact Smart Plumber at (408) 716-2001. Let our helpful and pleasant staff assist you!

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How Do I Know If My Fremont Septic Tank Is Failing?

Maintaining a septic system is no different from caring for any other part of your house. Maintaining the septic system properly is crucial to ensuring its longevity. If a septic system isn’t maintained regularly, it can pose health risks and cost homeowners a lot of money if it fails. The lifespan of a septic system is typically between one to two decades with routine maintenance. 

Pollution of the environment and the health of humans and animals can result from a malfunctioning septic system. Property owners can save money on repairs, prevent illness, and prevent environmental damage by paying attention to these warning signs and then calling a team like Smart Plumber to repair the septic tank.

If you have the following issues, please contact us immediately:

Contact Smart Plumber if you have any of the symptoms above so we can schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible.

What Causes A Septic Tank Failure?

When a septic tank fails, untreated sewage flows out and can end up in unsightly places. These issues may have been brought on by a sewage backup in the building’s piping system or by sewage seeping up through the ground near the septic tank or drain field. 

If the sewage gets into the groundwater, surface water, or ocean water, we might not even notice it. However, wastewater is a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. These contaminants and pathogens can cause illness in a wide range of organisms and animals. Another danger they present is the contamination of water sources, which could have otherwise been used for human consumption, aquatic life, or farming.

It is critical to understand the following causes of septic tank problems because they can have serious consequences:

  • The drainage system broke down. Sewage may back up into the home if the drain field fails or becomes saturated. Wet, soggy areas may be covered by spongy bright green grass above or near the drainfield. Odors could also be present near the tank or drain field.
  • The inlet baffle to the tank is blocked. This failure is a lot like when the pipe from the house to the tank gets clogged. If you can get to the opening of your inlet baffle, you can check it for clogs.
  • The house-to-tank pipe is clogged. If this occurs, your pipes will drain slowly or cease to drain.
  • Either the outlet baffle or the effluent filter is clogged. As a result, sewage may flood the house or the ground near the septic tank. This problem could mean that the tank is receiving too much water, possibly too quickly.

If you have issues with your Fremont septic tank or leach field, call Smart Plumber. We are standing by to help you!

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