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Top-Rated Sunnyvale Septic Tank Repair & Leach Field Installation

Septic Tank Repair & Leach Field Installation in Sunnyvale, CA

Untreated sewage flows out when a septic tank fails, and it can pollute nearby areas. A sewage backup in the building’s piping system or sewage seeping up through the ground close to the septic tank or drain field could have caused these problems.

We might not even notice if the sewage seeps into the groundwater, surface water, or ocean water. However, wastewater is a hospitable environment for various types of bacteria and other diseases. Multiple species of plants and animals are susceptible to illness from these contaminants and pathogens. The contamination of water supplies that could have been used for human consumption, aquatic life, or agricultural purposes is another threat they pose.

It’s possible that your septic tank and leach fields haven’t been at the forefront of your mind much lately, especially if no major issues have arisen. Despite the fact that you probably don’t give them much thought, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are in good working order. 

Smart Plumber in Sunnyvale is here to help if you have a septic tank and are experiencing issues like backed-up toilets or water that takes too long to drain. You can reach Smart Plumbers & Rooters at (408) 716-2001 if you’re having problems with your septic tank or leach field. Let our experienced staff assist you!

How Do I Know If My Sunnyvale Septic Tank Is Failing?

It is crucial for effective waste management to know that the liquid drained from the septic tank after anaerobic digestion is sent to the leach field. Your septic system consists of the pipes, septic tank, and drain field (also called a leach field). Usually placed on a flat area outside the house, it is the only thing keeping your soil from becoming a health hazard.

A properly maintained leach field can have a useful life after installation that is increased to as much as 25 years if the proper maintenance is performed. If you don’t have your septic system inspected on a regular basis by a licensed plumber like the ones at Smart Plumber, you could end up with septic system problems.

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Why Is It Important To Take Care Of My Septic Tank?

A septic system requires the same level of regular attention as any other part of a home. Proper care and maintenance of the septic system is essential to extending its useful life. Failure of a septic system can be hazardous to residents’ health and expensive for their wallets if proper maintenance isn’t performed on a regular basis. With regular upkeep, a septic system can last for up to twenty years.

This is why once every three years, at the very least, a septic system inspection and maintenance should be performed. Regular inspections will help you catch issues before they become emergencies and will give you peace of mind for the long haul.

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