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Union City Water Heater Repair & Installation

If your water heater has stopped working, it can be a huge inconvenience that affects the functioning of your home. To get it fixed quickly and efficiently, Smart Plumbers & Rooters in Union City is the team to call. Our experienced technicians can identify the source of the problem and repair or replace your water heater, restoring hot water to your home in no time. For professional and friendly assistance with your water heater, contact us today at (408) 716-2001.

Our team at Smart Plumbers & Rooters in Union City is available 24/7, so you can get the help you need with any plumbing issue, at any time of day. We offer free estimates and our services come at the same rate, no matter when you call. So don’t worry if you have a plumbing problem on the weekend or after business hours – our team will be there to help you, with no additional cost.

How Do I Know If My Union City Water Heater Needs Repair?

When it’s been more than ten years since you purchased your water heater, it may be time to consider having it serviced by a professional Union City plumber from Smart Plumbers & Rooters. Here are some common signs that you should call for repair work:


  • If you find yourself without hot water in your home, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with your water heater. Don’t hesitate to contact Smart Plumbers & Rooters; our experienced team can quickly diagnose and resolve any issues with your water heater, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of hot water once again.


  • Too much hot water can be more unpleasant than not having any hot water at all. It can cause discomfort and even be dangerous to those living in the home, so it is important to make sure that hot water is regulated properly.


  • After a period of 5 to 10 years, a water heater may need professional repair services due to normal wear and tear. Beyond this point, the average lifespan of the system is uncertain.


  • Smart Plumbers & Rooters should be contacted immediately if a water heater is leaking, as this can be caused by loose valves or corrosion. Our experts can diagnose the cause of the leak and provide a solution to fix it.


  • Strange, persistent noises from a system could indicate that something is amiss, such as a broken part or sediment buildup. If the noise is excessive, it is best to have it checked out by a professional like our Union City plumbers at Smart Plumbers & Rooters.


  • Improper installation or maintenance of the water heater can also lead to repair needs.


  • Deterioration is a common issue with water heaters, due to their constant exposure to water. Any amount of leaking can cause costly damage to the home and waste resources. 


  • Other reasons why a water heater may need to be repaired include: a faulty thermostat, a faulty electric heating element, a broken gas valve, a damaged pressure relief valve, a blocked or restricted water flow, a sediment accumulation, a broken dip tube, or a short circuit. 


Our licensed plumbers at Smart Plumbers & Rooters can identify the source of the water heater problems and repair the system to get it working again!

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