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Plumbing Services in the Bay Area

We strive to provide excellence in every plumbing task that we’re deployed to, ensuring professionalism and premium work quality. The primary concern of our work regime is to prioritize customer satisfaction in every job we perform.

We believe our grit and devotion towards treating our customers with premium care is the reason why Smart Plumbers and Rooters has managed to excel in a short time.  

We understand you have an abundance of choices from numerous plumbing services providers in the Bay Area.

This is where our competitive prices and experienced local plumbers help you choose the best and the most affordable plumbing services for your home or commercial property. We consider it our responsibility to ensure premium customer service for all our clients. Appreciation from our clients is our ultimate achievement.

Our efficient plumbing approach includes thorough communication between you and our staff, so you can always stay up-to-date with what’s happening.

All our plumbers are IICRC-certified and have passed rigorous training drills for working in sensitive conditions on various plumbing tasks. Our tool-set includes the latest equipment to ensure efficient and top-notch repair work.

We are poised to respond.. 365 days/year.

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Our Primary Services

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can cause the water to back up, a major health hazard. We recommend scheduling an efficient drain cleaning to rid your house drains of clogs, debris buildup, and pungent & uncomfortable smells. Ensure effective water drainage with professional drain cleaning at least once every year.

Drain Repairing

Some issues with your home’s drains may require more than conventional cleaning. The constant wear and tear due to water flow can cause your drainage to break and collapse. Our expert plumbers will ensure that all the components in your drains are working at full effectiveness to ensure steady water flow.

Water Heater

Water heaters are an essential household appliance and can cause distress if they malfunction when you need them the most. Whether you want to install gas or electric tank heaters in your house, our experts will ensure everything is performed to perfection for a seamless hot water supply across your home.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are incredible appliances for eliminating food waste while saving ample time. But due to heavy-duty operations, they can malfunction. Our professionals will ensure effective repairs whether your garbage disposal has a blade issue, clogged drain, or makes an annoying noise when put to work.



Dishwashers make it easy to do the dishes and save your time in the process. If not maintained, the tough daily routine can render the dishwasher ineffective. Our trained workers can provide convenient and affordable dishwasher maintenance services to ensure that gasket of the appliance, drainage system, and water sprays are all in optimal working conditions.

Water Line

America has one of the safest water supplies for drinking and sanitation. But, the old pipes that carry the water to your home can wear out over time and become rusted. This can be a significant health hazard. Hire our qualified plumbers for thorough water line repair and maintenance.

Gas Line

The gas lines leading to your house must be installed to perfection to avoid natural gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak and require urgent repairs, call one of our professionals for a thorough inspection and appropriate repair. We also offer gas line installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial units.


There’s a lot that can go wrong with your toilet. The water can leak from the fitting, or the drainage may cease to work. Don’t overlook your toilet issues and schedule an expert repair from one of our professionals. We’ll fix the stubborn leaks, unclog the drainage and replace worn-out parts.


A leaky faucet can cost you a lot in terms of water bills. Avoiding leaky faucet repairs can lead to higher repair costs in the future. Schedule a professional repair service like us for efficient and affordable faucet repairs. We’ll fix the corroded spouts, readjust the seal, and replace the washer in no time.

Septic Tank & Leach Field

Septic tanks are incredible inventions for preventing basement flooding. These tanks and the attached leach fields must be maintained to function effectively. Our qualified professionals can deal with complex septic tank issues, including basin cleaning, pump repairs, leach field repair and maintenance, and installing discharge tubes for seamless water flow.