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Drain repairing isn’t every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s cup of tea because the slightest bit of mistake from the plumber’s end can cost the homeowner a fortune. Never fear — in Santa Clara, San Jose, you can hire plumbers from Smart Plumber who err on the side of caution to keep costly losses at bay. We repair drains to stop a slowed flow and foul smells and prevent even costlier repairs (when you call us in time, of course!).

Keep yourself and your family safe from exposure to any toxic waste; give the Smart Plumber a call today.

A residential drainage system makes a house go round. It helps you remove moisture and water from:

The water collected in the above receptacles eventually exits your property via drain pipes. Wondering what it would take for a system like that to go bump? It’s not really one thing but a collection—yes, an actual accumulation—of stuff over the months and maybe even years.

In the absence of preventive maintenance by a local plumber, your drain may suffer more than just a clog due to tree roots, hair, and soap sludge. You may also experience leaky pipes due to malfunctioning sink stoppers on rare occasions. All that to say: don’t wait for the problem to snowball into a bigger one. Recruit plumbing services at the first signs of trouble instead of writing it off or trying to fix it yourself.

Ignore the problem long enough, and you’ll need more than just drain repairing service. You may even have to swap out your sewage lines and take it from your local plumber: that is not an expense you want on your hands. Ensure your pipes don’t go kaput before their time’s up through preventive maintenance and prompt repairs when the occasion calls for it.

Our local plumbers are good at what they do because they understand how to take care of a problem without risking any damage to your drainage system. Rather than winging the issue, hit up the plumbing services in your area to rectify the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again for a long time to come.



Sewer Line Repairing

One major reason for sewer line clogging is tree roots.
If tree roots grow too much, they will combine with the dirt then puncture the pipe, and you will not be able to clean it with the snake machine, so it would have to be repaired or re-piped.
The second reason for repairing the main drain line is corrosion.

Trenchless sewer line replacement (Bursting style)

Sewer Line Replacement (Trench style)

Original style with digging N replacing.

Kitchen Line Repairing

Grease inside of the pipe will make the pipe corrode and leak.

Tub Drain Repairing

The weakest point is the tub waste line. If you don’t repair the tub waste line, the leaking sewage will damage the drain pipe also.

P trap Installation

The p trap is an essential drain system. The water in the P trap prevents sewage gas smell. But the trap arm is significant to keep the water in the P trap. If the trap arm (refer to the drawing) has a slope, all the water in the P trap will drain due to the siphoning. On the other hand, if the trap arm is too long, it will clog. Therefore, depending on the width of the pipe will determine the length of the arm.
When the trap arm is too long and angled the pipe will easily clog.

Installation of a Clean out

When the P trap is too long and the connection point is under the tee it will leak easily.
Find the pipe with a line locator, dig at the appropriate area, and cut the pipe.
This picture shows a one-way clean-out.
This picture shows a two-way clean-out.
You will need to put a concrete box showing “sewer” on the lid.
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