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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement In Santa Clara

Trash It, Don’t Thrash It!

God bless the man who single-handedly invented the time-saving machine, i.e., the garbage disposal. This machine grinds wastage from the kitchen and flushes it directly into the sewerage lines without clogging them! Not only does it save you from the extra trip to the trash can, but it also keeps the unpleasant smells from spreading across the room. Most importantly, the garbage disposal unit facilitates recycling, making it great for the environment.

For something that takes care of you so well, we say you should hire a plumber to keep it running for long! Smart Plumber in Santa Clara, San Jose, provides services for garbage disposal unit installation as well as repair.

Make your home a little greener with Smart Plumber!

Garbage disposals come in two main types. Depending on your garbage processing needs, you may want to get a continuous or batch feed. A continuous feed is more common. It comes with a wall switch that you have to turn on when feeding the garbage to the open mouth and turn off when you’re done processing everything.

On the other hand, a batch feed requires you to manually dump the waste contents into the chamber and close the lid to turn on the disposal. A batch feed is used in commercial kitchens because it can process higher food volumes than a continuous feed. If you like the convenience, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a batch feed disposal installed. Request our plumbing services to have the technology installed in your kitchen.

Schedule periodic maintenance with our local plumbers to ensure your garbage disposal is up to scratch. If it floods one of your sinks, call emergency plumbing services before the dirty water stinks up your kitchen and causes more damage to your disposal and sewage pipes.

Here at Smart Plumbers, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction through garbage disposal plumbing services, such as garbage disposal installation, repair, cleaning, unclogging, replacement, and removals. Fix your in-sink aerator or replace your obsolete garbage disposal with the help of our local plumbers.

Prevent an infestation in your home by keeping the contents of your food waste out of your home. Maintain your garbage disposal system, follow all the precautions, and extend the life of your processor.

Sticky Garbages

Many homemakers enjoy the use of garbage disposal, and they believe the garbage disposal will grind everything. But it does not work with sticky foods like spaghetti, noodles, and wet potato or carrot peels.
The principle of garbage disposal is a centrifugal force. When it is operated, food debris will be mixed by the turning can in the disposal and ground by the bottom blades. Still, if you put a sticky food like spaghetti, peels of potato or carrot, etc., it will be attached to the wall of the can and not drop, thus not getting cut by the blades. Finally, it will be a sticky lump when it is drained and will clog the small kitchen drain pipe entirely.
If one sink bowl is clogged among the two kitchen bowls, it comes from a garbage disposal issue.
You can see the potato peels in the Kitchen waste line. All of these were drained through the garbage disposal.

Solving The Jam Problem

Releasing the disposal jamming:
(If there is any hard material in the disposal, you need to take it out with other tools like a tong before reconnecting the power cord)
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