Garbage Disposal

Sticky Garbages

Many homemakers enjoy the use of garbage disposal, and they believe the garbage disposal will grind everything.
But it does not work with sticky foods like spaghetti, noodles, and wet potato or carrot peels.

The principle of garbage disposal is a centrifugal force.
When it is operated, food debris will be mixed by the turning can in the disposal and ground by the bottom blades. Still, if you put a sticky food like spaghetti, peels of potato or carrot, etc., it will be attached to the wall of the can and not drop, thus not getting cut by the blades.
Finally, it will be a sticky lump when it is drained and will clog the small kitchen drain pipe entirely.

If one sink bowl is clogged among the two kitchen bowls, it comes from a garbage disposal issue.

You can see the potato peels in the Kitchen waste line.
All of these were drained through the garbage disposal.

Solving The Jam Problem

Releasing the disposal jamming:

(If there is any hard material in the disposal, you need to take it out with other tools like a tong before reconnecting the power cord)