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As you see in the table, natural gas is lighter than air. So it would help if you opened the window to work for natural gas, but propane and Butan gases are much heavier than air. So it would be best if you very keen attention to work for these two gases. You need to remove all the remained propane or butane gas before starting the job.

Leaking Under The Ground

The gas line under the ground should be air-tightened, but this picture shows no air compression. So corroded and leaking.

Installation Under The Ground

The gas line under the ground should be air-tightened so that no moisture would be allowed to prevent rusting.

Installation Under The Concrete

Since this California area is a possible earthquake zone, gas pipes should be protected from the earthquake. So it needs two pipe-size condos for the gas line under the concrete.

Pipe Size

Gas line pipe size is essential. When you wash the hand with less water pressure at the bathroom sink, you will be able to clean the hand even though you feel inconvenient. But if the gas appliance gets less gas during the working, the fire will be off, and the gas will come out continuously. It will be the cause of explosion and fire. Furthermore, you can not get insurance assistance because of irregular. That’s why gas pipe size is significant. Gas pipe size is decided by total BTU + distance from the meter. When you try to add a gas appliance to your home, please don’t think quickly by extending from the existing pipe. Please never forget to calculate the total BTU & distance from the meter.