Septic Tank & Leach field

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A leach field is made for disposing of impurities and contaminants that make their way from the liquid being withdrawn after anaerobic digestion in the septic tank. It may sound gibberish, but you can bet on it that you’re going to need leach field installation services from Smart Plumber.

If you have that in place but are experiencing troubles such as slow drainage and flushing, smelly sewage, or toilets backing up, you could do with septic tank repair services from Smart Plumber in Santa Clara, San Jose. Our plumbers are trained to remove clogs in the septic system and leaks in the sewage lines.

Your septic system consists of pipes, a septic tank, and a leach field, also known as a drain field. It’s usually installed in a flat area outside your house, and it’s pretty much the only thing stopping your soil from a health hazard.

Although a properly installed leach field can last you up to 25 years, it can’t reach that mark without preventive plumbing services. Your septic system may start showing signs of neglect if you don’t get a local plumber in from time to time. There are many signs of a septic system failure, such as:

  • Backed up sewage and wastewater
  • Slow drainage
  • Strange gurgling noises upon flushing the toilet
  • Dampness near the drain field
  • Puddles near the drain field
  • Foul odors emanating from the yard where the leach field is installed
  • Unexpected grass growth near the leach field
  • Algal growth
  • Water contamination
  • Underperforming toilet flush

You might want to request a local plumber’s services to replace the septic system if you’ve recently added a new member to your household or moved into a home where the septic system is too small to handle your waste.

Request our plumbing services to install a new leach field, address any issues with your septic tanks, and repair damaged pipes. Make sure your septic infrastructure stays in top shape by inviting a local plumber for a periodic perusal and asking them for tips on what to put and what not to put down your drains to avoid future repairs for as long as you can.


Septic Tank & Leach field

The important point in using the septic tank

Current tendency of water treatment

There are several new wastewater treatments instead of the traditional septic tank and leach field for smaller space and economical ways. Following drawing is one of the new processes.

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