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Fast & Affordable Toilet Repair In Santa Clara

Toilet Repair and Other Plumbing Services in Santa Clara, San Jose

What if something terrible were to happen to your toilet? If you’re someone who takes solace in watching the flapper set back into place after the flush and clean water flooding in, the thought of your toilet malfunctioning is going to be scary.

But don’t you worry, child — Smart Plumber in Santa Clara, San Jose, offers toilet repair services that fix overflowing toilet bowls, wiggling handles, and partially draining flushes.

Call a Smart Plumber home today to prevent any toilet-related issues from ripping away a part of your savings.  

Toilet issues are right up there with the most annoying plumbing problems. If left unchecked by a local plumber, they might lead to skyrocketing utility bills and make your life more difficult than it has to be. Several things are holding your toilet bowl together, and the smallest fault in any of them may result in the issues you might be experiencing.

While providing plumbing services, we’ve come across our fair share of:

All of the above may lead to the same problems, so it can be quite hard to whittle down the exact cause without a local plumber’s help. Moreover, if you haven’t been investing in preventive maintenance, you’re more likely to run into plumbing problems with your toilet.

There’s also something to be said for the amount of time you’ve had the same toilet. If you’ve had the same receptacle for more than ten years, you might experience worn-out parts and water leaks. Fairly old toilets are also under the bad habit of coming loose due to these very leaks.

You may have the best toilets in the world, but even they would stay that way for so long if not treated to periodic plumbing services and timely repairs by a Smart Plumber. Don’t let them create puddles and damp areas in your restroom. Hire our local plumbers for a job well done and a permanent solution.

Leaking At The Bottom

When the sewage backs up because the drain line is clogged, the sewage can leak at the bottom.

Even sewage does not back up. If the toilet flange is too high, sewage can leak at the bottom because wax ring will be squeezed too much.


Leaking From The Tank

Mostly there are three reasons for leaking from the tank:

Perfect installation

It would help if you had extra rubber and steel washers between the tank and the bowl.

If you don’t put the extra washers between the tank and the bowl, there is a possibility to leak after 3~4 years.

Water Flowing Continuously

If you open the tank, you can see a plastic bar, we call it flush valve, and water is overflowing to this bar. You need to adjust the fill valve or change it.
There is a round rubber cover at the center of the tank. We call it the flapper. This rubber cover is deforming after 3~4 years in the water. And water leaking through the hole of deform. It would help if you changed the flapper.
When you change the flapper, suggest removing the hole like the picture. It will make it much easier to install the flapper.

Clogging Often

There are several possible reasons for this. The most common cause is the lack of power. If a toilet flushing power is not strong enough, the toilet can be clogged by human waste or even toilet paper.

There are holes at the top of the toilet bowl which water from the tank flows out of to flush the toilet.

After having had the toilet for more than three years, you will notice calcium build up in the holes where the water flows. When the holes become smaller and smaller, the flushing power is reduced, which then causes the toilet to clog more often.

One of the ways to solve this problem is by using acid to eat up the calcium. However, you should ask a specialist to perform this task because the acid is hazardous.
The best solution is to replace your toilet.

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