4 Plumbing Upgrades for Your Commercial Building This Spring

4 Plumbing Upgrades for Your Commercial Building This Spring

Commercial buildings are utilized in some way to produce revenue. They may be used as offices, factories, schools, or stores by various entities. The plumbing systems in these buildings are vital to the facility’s operations. While the various entities may have different needs, none can operate efficiently if the plumbing systems aren’t functioning correctly.

The systems must be updated to keep up with the latest technological changes. These updates will increase the efficiency of the building and save money for the owners.

1. Install Newer Model Toilets

Many older commercial buildings rely on toilets that have been built for decades. These older models can be inefficient and less sanitary than more modern models. Newer models may include stainless steel bowl sets and dual-flush technology. They have been improved to handle higher volumes of waste. They may also have an electronic sensor that automatically flushes the toilet and turns off the water when the lid is released. When choosing a new model, consider upgrading to a higher flush toilet. Consider vanities from top brands to accessorize and modernize older water closets. These models have been field tested to meet strict sanitation, performance, and durability standards.

2. Install Modern Faucets

Bathroom fixtures can have a far-reaching impact on the efficiency of a building. There are many types of modern faucets, including those with digital temperature controls. The dispenser type can also be upgraded to a more modern rainfall style. Look for easy-to-clean faucets. This will provide a more pleasant experience for employees and improve the efficiency of the plumbing systems. A reputable plumber can advise which faucets are the most effective for your needs and budget.

3. Even Out the Flow to Meet New Water Requirements

Water conservation is a major concern in commercial buildings. Advanced controls can be installed to ensure that a building gets the proper amount of water without wasting any through leaks. A water management system will even things out so that no matter what kind of day it is, everyone has the same amount of water running through their faucets. The system is designed to adjust supply automatically based on usage and consumption. A customized control system can also be installed to help meet the new standards for a more efficient building.

4. Upgrade Your Piping Systems

As the building ages, more maintenance is required to keep the plumbing systems operational. Seasonal changes can also cause problems, such as freezing or heaving pipes. Perform regular maintenance or call for professional services to update redundant piping and fix failed connections. A piping upgrade will also make space for future connections. Invest in a new pipe system that is flexible enough for the building’s needs but can also withstand daily wear and tear.

Take advantage of the warmer spring weather by installing major plumbing upgrades to benefit your building’s operations. Many of these upgrades are simple, cost-effective improvements that can be installed quickly and easily with little disruption to the daily operations of your facility. Contact Smart Plumbers & Rooters today for commercial plumbing installation, upgrades, and repairs in Santa Clara, CA. Our plumbers are trained and certified to meet the needs of commercial entities. We can help you identify which upgrades are appropriate for your building’s needs and install them quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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