A Buying Guide for Water Heaters in Cupertino

A Buying Guide for Water Heaters in Cupertino

The mere thought of leaving your bed to shower sends shivers down the spine. From washing our face and hands to taking a shower, we prefer warm water in winters. Every household needs a geyser or water heater, even during pleasant weather.


What is a Water Heater?

It’s a storage water appliance with a tank to store maximum heating capacity for instant delivery of warm water. It converts and transfers energy to heat and water, respectively. Connected with an inlet supply pipe, a water heater has an outgoing pipe to supply hot water to appliances and faucets.

What are the Types of Water Heaters?

1. Storage Heaters

These heaters are the most classic and basic form of water heaters for domestic purposes. They’re equipped with a tank that stores hot water without using electricity. You can use hot water any time.

2. Solar Heaters

These eco-friendly heaters promote sustainability by converting solar energy into heat through a thermal collector.

3. Instant Heaters

As the name suggests, these high-powered appliances heat water quickly. Their compact design makes them appropriate for small spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Immersion Rods

These are heating rods conveniently used to heat water in a bucket. They come with a hanging hook and light indicator for safety. Immersion rods can be stored anywhere in a cabinet or storage.

5. Gas Heaters

These work on LPG and receive the supply through cylinders and pipelines. These water heaters are highly cost-efficient and lightweight.

Factors to Consider

Usage & Capacity

The usage of your family members and household will determine the required capacity of the water heater. For a nuclear family or single-person, a compact heater with small tanks is the best option. Also, consider whether you want to include both bathroom and kitchen or install separate heaters.

Heater Quality

In areas with hard water, such as Cupertino, you must pay attention to the heating element and quality of the tank. Hard water contains high magnesium and calcium, causing scaling or build-up. Because the heating element and tank come in contact with water, the heater will quickly corrode due to hard water.

Look for heaters with the corrosion-resistance feature, long life and higher efficiency.

Safety and Energy

Be wary of safety and risks associated with water heaters. Check the safety valve of the water heater before buying one. This valve is responsible for maintaining the temperature, so it doesn’t get too high or low. A water heater should not significantly hike your bills and consume a reasonable amount of energy.

An instant water heater installed in a bathroom

We advise cleaning the water heater once a year for sediment prevention. At Smart Plumbers & Rooters, we offer a water heater cleaning service so that you have a constant supply of hot water. If you’re looking to hire local plumbers inCupertino, our plumbers won’t disappoint you. As a highly-trained team, each plumber has expertise in cleaning water heaters and providing quality plumbing services. Contact us to hire local plumbers in Cupertino today.

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