An Expert’s Guide to Improved Air Conditioner Life

An Expert’s Guide to Improved Air Conditioner Life

Summers in California can be dry, uncomfortable and, well, hot. You may want to install an air conditioner to beat the heat. While air conditioners have a life span of 15 to 20 years, your air conditioner may very likely malfunction earlier.

To increase their life span, you need to treat your air conditioner like a child. Here’s how you can assure long air conditioner life:


Efficient System

To enjoy over 25 years of life, you first need to install a highly efficient air conditioner with features including two-stage compressors and speed air handlers. Not only these systems are cost-effective, but these features also lessen the strain on the air conditioner. Thus, resulting in longer life and lesser wear and tear.

Air Conditioner Filters

These filters accumulate debris, and once full, they can blow up the debris back into the house, marring the air quality. It will also affect the functioning of your air conditioner. So you should clean these filters daily.

Many units come with a light indicator to remind you when to clean the filters. You can also ask an HVAC professional about changing the unit filter.

Control Temperature

Most households keep the temperature higher even when no one’s at home. Instead, you should program a smart thermostat to change the temperature automatically. This will save you money because the thermostat prevents setting higher temperatures when the house is empty.

Clean Ducts

Ducts are to air conditioners what lungs are to your body. They carry the air across your room. When you don’t clean them properly, the air won’t reach every corner of your room. If you detect that your air conditioner is not cooling a room, it means the duct needs cleaning.

You can hire a professional to clean out the ducts and get them closed if a room is not in use.

Schedule Maintenance

For a longer and improved air conditioner life, you’ll need to schedule regular maintenance. This doesn’t only include filter change. You’ll have to hire a professional HVAC contractor for the maintenance.

Air Conditioner & Plumbing Connection

Your home’s HVAC system and plumbing are connected because the central air conditioner is part of your HVAC system, you’ll need a plumbing connection. With a high-quality plumbing connection, the system will easily convey the water out of your house.

The indoor evaporator air conditioner coil condenses gallons of water to cool air inside your house. This condensate water drips down and flows through pipelines into the drainage system of your house.

A plumber fixing pipe leakage

In case of a clogged air conditioner drain pipe, your condensate collection pan will grow mold and algae, causing health hazards. To prevent property damage and health problems, hire Smart Plumbers & Rooters.

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