How to Stop Your Toilet From Constantly Running

How to Stop Your Toilet From Constantly Running

Are you frustrated with your constantly running toilet? Normally, a running toilet is a problem that is caused by an overflowing toilet tank. Within the toilet, several parts control the flushing mechanism. If any of these parts break down, you could have a running toilet.

Our local plumber in San Jose has years of experience repairing running toilets. If your toilet is running, reach out to us on our website to ask for an appointment. Here’s how you can stop your toilet from constantly running.


Check the fill tube

If your toilet is overflowing, remove the tank and check the fill tube. It is a small, bendable tube that connects the fill valve to the toilet overflow tube.

If this tube happens to fall off or the stream of water misses the overflow tube, your toilet bowl won’t fill properly, and the flush mechanism won’t work well.

If the fill tube is out of place, attach it again by pushing it onto the fill valve. The fill tube should be sending water to the toilet overflow tube. Flush the toilet and watch if the water travels down the toilet overflow tube to check if it works.

Adjust the flapper chain and the flush handle

A flapper chain that’s all jumbled up or too short will not let the flapper close, so water will keep leaking into the toilet bowl. Adjust the chain or cut it off to ensure it doesn’t get tangled.

If the running toilet problem persists even after taking these measures, it’s time for you to hire our local plumber in Mountain View.

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Fix leaking toilets by hiring our local plumber in San Jose

A leaking toilet is bad for the environment and can add extra costs to your water bill. If you have a leaking toilet in your home, don’t neglect it; hire our local plumber in San Jose to fix the problem in time.

At Smart Plumbers Inc., our plumbers have repaired countless plumbing issues for our clients in many cities across the United States. We offer several plumbing services for homeowners, including drain cleaning, toilet repair, drain repair, leach field installation, faucet repair, dishwasher repair and septic tank repair. Contact us on our website for more information or to hire our plumbing services in Mountain View.

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