Plumbing Issues to Look For When Investing In San Jose Real Estate

Plumbing Issues to Look For When Investing In San Jose Real Estate

For most people, purchasing a house will be the biggest investment in their lifetime. With the real estate market being really hot right now, most people are looking to invest their savings into homes for their families.

However, it is always better to be cautious and ensure that the property doesn’t have any outstanding issues before deciding to purchase it. Here are some common plumbing issues to look for when purchasing a home in San Jose:


1. Damaged Walls and Floors

Let’s get to the big one right off the bat. When a home’s water pipes and internal plumbing systems fail, the water starts seeping through to the floors and walls. That eventually deteriorates the quality of the home’s construction, leading to the home’s structural stability failing.

If you’re looking at real estate in San Jose, make sure to take an in-depth look at the corners of the walls and floors, particularly in the basement. Damaged walls and damp spots could indicate serious issues that will present a challenge to even the best plumbers in San Jose.

2. Old Piping

A home older than 30 years may have pipe fittings that could be dangerous for both the home and for your family. Over the years, materials such as lead, galvanized steel, and polybutylene have been used for pipes. However, they’ve all been banned or become unpopular in the years since due to a number of issues.

An older home is more likely to have these issues present. Hire a San Jose plumber to visit the house with you and take a look at the pipes. Extensive work could be required on the home’s pipe fittings.

3. Plumbing Fixtures

A house is made of many moving parts, and some of those see more use than others, leading to quicker damage and deterioration. Don’t get lazy when you get the opportunity to check all the fixtures around the house.

Turn on all the faucets, flush all the toilets, and check for leaks in and around the water sources. You may find nothing, in which case you’ll be more confident when purchasing the house. However, the homeowner would need to hire a local plumber if issues are found.

A damaged house with mold on the wall

We Can Help Ensure That Your Future House Is Up to Snuff

It can get quite challenging to root out all the plumbing issues in a house by yourself, especially if the house is an older one.

At Smart Plumbers, Inc, we’re a diamond-certified and licensed plumbing company, and our experts can ensure that you’re aware of any plumbing issues before you purchase your house.

Our services include drain repairing, septic tank maintenance, and faucet replacement, among others. Call us today to get plumbing services in San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Altos, Menlo Park, and other locations in the Bay Area.

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