5 Plumbing Fixes to Make Before Spring Arrives

5 Plumbing Fixes to Make Before Spring Arrives

Plumbing is essential for every property. Plumbing services guarantee that water flows freely across into your home. Although plumbing is most commonly linked with water-related services, it also covers the maintenance and repair of water heaters, stoves, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Due to a malfunctioning pipe or leakage, excess moisture within the house can lead to moisture damage and fungal growth. A clogged toilet or faucet can make it challenging to complete daily duties. As a result, you should get your water pipes inspected every few months to ensure that they are in good working order.


Take a look at these five plumbing fixes to make before spring arrives:

Inspect the Drains, Gutters, and Downpipes

Dirt and dust easily accumulate in sewers, downspouts, and pipelines. Debris and other waste can also gather and obstruct these regions, causing substantial structural damage. Before the spring season starts, engage a plumbing company to clean and repair these essential parts thoroughly.

Insulate Your Pipes

This is one of the best home plumbing tips that can benefit you in various ways. However, this isn’t something that people prioritize during construction. Since these pipes are mostly found in basements, it’s cooler there.

By not insulating your pipes, they’ll not just become prone to getting burst but will have higher chances of incurring damage. Insulation increases the overall life of the pipes by giving them a layer of warmth and protection. A local plumber in San Jose can determine what insulation you need to safeguard your pipes so you can increase your property’s value and prevent any unnecessary problems.

Inspect The Valves, Pipelines, And Sprinklers For Any Leakage

Water leakage in a house in San Jose

Leaks can occur in any of these areas of your pipework, ultimately raising your water bill and causing potential future issues. Check for water leakage, damaged faucets, and examine the pipelines in electrical machines like the washing machine and water heater with the help of professionals. Address identified issues right away to avoid any future problems.

Clogged Sewer Line

Another plumbing issue no homeowner should deal with is a sewer clog. Unfortunately, many home sellers often leave these problems unrepaired or untreated in a house. As a result, new homeowners have to eventually cope with raw sewage backups from the drain. It can result in severe property damage if not diagnosed immediately.

Since most sewage pipework is located underground, you may struggle to identify this issue. However, some warning signs you must always look out for are slow draining issues, a foul smell, and gurgling sounds from the underground.

Outdated Fixtures

You might have often heard that the older the fixture, the better the quality. While this is indeed true, outdated fixtures are still prone to corrosion. They will deteriorate over time and inevitably begin to cause plumbing issues.

Corroded valves, worn-out washers, and cracked and broken handles cause leaks in the bathroom and surrounding area. If your home still has all of the original handles, faucets, and valves, you may want to consider replacing them before something goes wrong.

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