Seeing Rusty Water? Find Out Where Is It Coming From


Rusty water not only stains your washable clothes, your porcelain plumbing fixtures, or sinks – it also puts a negative impact on your health. The rusty water that you see when you turn on the water could be due to many reasons.

Here are a few sources from where the rusty water might be coming from.

Rusty Water upon Turning on Hot Water

When you see rusty water after turning on hot water, then the issue might be lying in your water heater. The main cause could be a case of built-up sediment or a compromised tank. It’s best not to use this water as it can go in your body through your mouth, ears, or nose.

Water dripping from a rusty pipe

Rusty Water upon Turning on Cold and Hot Water

When you see rusty water after turning on both cold and hot water, the problem might be corroded pipelines. The rust inside can build up and can appear in the water. It’s a very common plumbing problem, especially where the plumbing or iron pipes are extremely old.

Sudden Appearance of Rusty Water

If you suddenly see rusty water without a genuine cause, then it might be a problem in your neighborhood. It might be a leak outside of the plumbing system or a break in the main water supply.

There might be a lot of causes, but just as you witness it, make sure to immediately find the cause of the problem and contact a professional.

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