Water Heater Swap-Out

Water Heater Swap-Out

Water heaters have a relatively long lifespan of approximately 8-12 years. Certain factors, such as not maintaining a regular flushing schedule, can hamper this longevity and pose problems. One insightful customer suspected his water heater tank needed a flush. The unit was old enough that Chris the plumber went ahead and installed an entirely new unit.

Corroded Pipe

Then we did something not typically done as part of our clean-up procedure. After we brought the old water heater back to the shop (as a courtesy we haul away the old one for the customer), Chris cut open the tank to reveal the insides. You don’t get to see a water heater dissection done very often!

Water HeaterCorroded Pipe

It turns out that there wasn’t much sediment inside the tank, but it was heavily rusted inside – definitely warranting a unit change. Bang-up job, Chris!

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