Should You Call a Plumber if Your Water Doesn’t Taste Normal?

Should You Call a Plumber if Your Water Doesn’t Taste Normal?

Have you felt like your tap water doesn’t taste quite right lately? Tap water can taste slightly different from time to time because it contains many minerals that can be present in the water in different quantities. If you have very sensitive taste buds, it may be the case that you’re just detecting a slight change in pH or mineral content.

However, to determine whether the tap water in your house is fit to drink or if there’s something really wrong with it, a full chemical analysis of a tap water sample will need to be done. If you’re worried about the quality of your tap water, you can hire our local plumber in Los Altos to inspect your plumbing.


Why does my tap water taste different?

If the water coming out of all the taps in your home tastes strange, chances are there’s something wrong with the water supply. However, if this problem is occurring only in your kitchen or only in one or two places in the house, this could mean that there’s a problem in the fixtures supplying water to those specific parts of the house.

  • If your water has a metallic taste: Iron or copper may have leaked into the water from the piping.
  • If your water tastes salty: If you live near a coastal area, salty seawater could be seeping into the water pipeline that supplies fresh water to your house. You can ask your plumber or a local health agency to test the water supply.
  • If your water tastes sweeter than usual: lead contamination can make water taste sweet. Lead is toxic, so if you suspect that your water might be contaminated with lead, reach out to a water testing facility as soon as possible.

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