3 Tips on Maintaining Your Water Heater

3 Tips on Maintaining Your Water Heater

Maintaining your water heater can help you save a lot of money on repairs and replacements. Your water heater works round the clock to provide hot water for your bathing and dishwashing needs, so it requires some upkeep from time to time.

Our local plumber in Los Altos can inspect your water heater to check for problems. We also repair and replace tanks, and install gas and electric water heaters for our clients.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your water heater.


1. Regularly inspect your water heater

Regular inspections of your water heater will help you detect problems and fix them before it’s too late. You can reach out to our plumbers in Los Gatos if you require water heater inspections.

2. Drain your water heater once a year

It’s important for your water heater to be flushed out at least once a year. Draining the water heater helps clear out any sediment or build-up on the bottom and the walls and flush out any debris.

Before draining the water heater, turn off the power and the water supply to the water heater. You can then plug in a hose to the water heater and allow the water to drain out of the hose. After all the water has been cleared out, you can re-fill the tank again. Only turn the water heater back on once it has been completely re-filled.

3. Insulate your water heater

By insulating your water heater, you’ll actually make it more energy-efficient. This is because, thanks to the insulating material, it will now need to expend less energy to heat the same amount of water.

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