Simple Plumbing Tips That Can Help You Save Money

Simple Plumbing Tips That Can Help You Save Money

A qualified plumber never keeps all their secrets to themselves. In fact, your plumber should tell you how to see to the upkeep of your home’s plumbing so that you have to spend less on repairs and replacements. Our local plumber in Los Altos can help you if you need plumbing services.

As a reputed plumbing agency serving countless homeowners across the United States, we have lots of wisdom to share that will help you keep your plumbing in great condition. Here are our top plumbing tips that will help you save money in the future.


1. Turn down the water temperature on your water heater

Did you know that lowering your water heater’s thermostat by 10 degrees can lead to 5 percent more savings on your energy bill? The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends that your hot water heater be set to approximately 115 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Don’t ignore a leaky toilet

Did you know that leaks in your plumbing can lead to an astronomically high water bill? That’s why you should never ignore a leaking toilet. A toilet that leaks water can waste gallons of water every month. If the leak is happening due to a broken fixture, get it replaced as soon as possible. Our plumbers in Saratoga can fix your leaking toilet for you.

3. Keep your drains clear

Make sure you never pour coffee grounds or cooking grease down a drain – they’re two of the biggest culprits that cause drain clogs. Never wash your hair in the sink, as this can cause drain clogs.

Clean your drain often to prevent buildup. Call a plumber to check for clogs if your drain is draining water slower than usual. A clogged drain can cause water backwash and even lead to broken pipes.

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Hire our local plumber in Sunnyvale for drain cleaning and drain repair

At Smart Plumbers Inc., our plumbers have never met a drain they couldn’t unclog. From drain cleaning to toilet repair to drain repair to leach field installation and septic tank repair, our local plumber in Los Altos can do it all seamlessly. Contact us on our website for more information or to hire our plumbing services in Palo Alto.

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