What Your Faucet’s Speed Is Telling You About Its Health

What Your Faucet’s Speed Is Telling You About Its Health

We all know that feeling when you’re trying to get ready in the morning, but your faucet’s slow water supply keeps delaying the process. That could screw up your morning routine, and you may start wondering whether that faucet’s broken.

Read on to find out how you can go about checking the faucet and what it indicates:


1. Check the Faucet’s Throughout the House

Go through your house and check all the faucets individually. If you notice that only one faucet with slow speed, you may be in luck, because the problem could be limited to that particular faucet.

However, if every faucet is providing a slow water supply, you may need to call a local plumber to check the issue out.

2. Fully Open the Water Valves

The slower water supply may not indicate a broader issue; it could just be due to your home’s water valves not being fully opened. It sounds quite simple, but very few people stop to check the valve.

If the valves are fully open and the supply is still slow, you should turn the home’s main water supply on and off. If the water speed still doesn’t improve, then you should hire a plumber to take a look.

3. Check What Needs Replacement

If the above two solutions didn’t help, then your home’s faucets could have a more significant issue. For example, the faucets themselves might be pretty old, and the only way to increase the water speed could be to replace them.

Additionally, the water pressure regulator could be slightly off, resulting in inconsistent water pressure. These are issues for which you’ll require professional plumbing help.

4. Get Plumbing Help

Other prominent issues with the faucets could be a clogged aerator or minerals and other debris lodged in the faucet. At worst, the reason behind the slow water supply might be clogged pipes or small leaks throughout the pipes.

These issues need a deft hand to resolve the problem without damaging the home’s plumbing setup.

A plumber in Sunnyvale working on a faucet

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